I think I’ll be coming back now

6 03 2011

I’m feeling inspired. After an eight month hiatus, I’m hoping to get this stizz back on track. I need a creative outlet. I’ve recently tried cooking and crafts – THAT’S how badly I need a creative outlet. Let me tell you, I am mediocre but enthusiastic at both.

I’m better at this I think, and the fact that I’m only medium at this ought to prove how less-than-medium I am at cooking. Unless the pumpkin bread on my stove tastes good, in which case I take this all back and insist that I am awesome at everything.

Regardless, I miss putting my thoughts down in more than 140 characters, as delightful as the one-two punch of twitter updates and facebook statuses may be.

I’m feeling inspired right now. Let’s hope it lasts.

(Editor’s note: It is probably not a coincidence that my interest in blogging, cooking and crafting coincides with a lengthy and medically induced abstinence from drinking. But that still gives us two more months of fun together! Let’s do it.)